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VIZARCHi is an architectural design & visualization practise involved with projects throughout the world. 

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VIZARCHi was founded in early 2019. We are an established, independent Brighton based architecture and visualization studio.  Specialising in architecture, interior design; house-extensions, garage and loft conversions, and architectural visualization. We aim to create innovative, sustainable and cutting-edge designs and solutions. VIZARCHi is also a part of EBS-Groups as a design studio. 

About: Hakkında


Our aim is to provide the best service and design based on our customers' request. To reach this aim, we always produce high-quality works in both architecture and visualization. We design and thus create images of unbuilt architecture. There is no possibility that architecture and visualization can be separated from each other.

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Our image philosophy is based on approaching high-end visualization with good quality, natural light and good skills. Every project in architecture is unique and every image has to have its own story. We don't make just visualizations, we show you the future.

About: Hakkında
About: Hakkında


Good architecture improves everyone’s quality of life. It makes buildings more energy-efficient and more adaptable to their owners changing needs. We aim to provide a high standard of quality designs for all our clients. Where possible we have a requirement of designing with sustainability in mind. Even the smallest building or alteration will benefit from this attention. In fact, when space and/or budget are restricted, it becomes even more important to ensure that the design really works for our clients, providing both practicality and pleasure.

About: Hakkında


VIZARCHi's designers are experts in spatial design and awareness always taking a brief to design with two aims.

The first, ensuring affordability with the design from the finishes to the longevity of the scheme from efficient energy saving devices, lighting, heating etc. Incorporating where possible to hardwearing practical fabrics, joinery and finishes.

The second, providing a high level of service that will encompass and reflect the qualities, values and aspirations of our clients. After an initial consultation, the client will work with the interior designer to identify just how they want their interior to look.

We manage the entire process with the local authorities and keep pur costomers fully informed of the prgress of their application along the way. Also we are working with planning consultants all over the country. VIZARCHi can add value for developers and lenders by assessing land and buildings to usege and potential.

About: Hakkında
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